LABCITY is a consultancy firm offering services on the following areas: 
  • Urban strategies
  • Masterplans
  • Development Plans
  • Public Participation Processes
  • Urban  design projects
  • Urban development processes
  • Urban analysis and research
  • Curating and communication of architecture and urbanism through exhibitions, publications and studies
Strategic thinking and strategy building are central to LABCITY’s approach.
LABCITY’s work builds on extensive experience in Denmark and internationally in:
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic urban governance
  • Strategic urban development
Gustavo Ribeiro is an architect, urban designer and planner who graduated from Brasilia University. Gustavo has a PhD from the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, from University of York in the United Kingdom. He has extensive experience in sustainable urban design and strategic urban planning, through work in Danish Municipalities, international consultancy work and research in the field of sustainable urbanism.
Gustavo Ribeiro has worked in key strategic urban projects such as Nordhavn in Copenhagen and, in the role of director for CITIES program at the Danish Architecture Centre (2010 – 2014) in the development and implementation of the course Strategic Urban Governance, directed at top executives from Danish local government. This program is currently offered by the Danish Architecture Centre.
Gustavo Ribeiro worked for a number of years as an associate professor and senior researcher at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Gustavo Ribeiro has worked in many urban development projects that have a particular focus on sustainability.
Victor Andrade is an architect and urbanist with a PhD from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has a post-doctorate from the School of Architecture, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Victor has extensive experience in projects of sustainable architecture and urbanism, through practice and research in Brazil and Denmark.
Victor has worked in influential architectural offices, consultancy firms and government agencies. Victor has amongst others contributed as a researcher to the largest project of urban sustainable mobility in Scandinavia – Bikeability. He has worked in addition with important urban projects in Brazil – such as Rio-Cidade and Favela-Bairro amongst others. In addition, Victor has been involved in architectural projects such as that of SESC in São Gonçalo. Victor Andrade is a specialist in sustainable architecture and urbanism.
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