Collaborators: Jacira Saavedra, Patrícia Maya, Juliana Canedo and João Huguenin.
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Ideas competition organized by the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian Institute of Architects for the redevelopment of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Victor Andrade participated on the Morar Carioca contest and his team was ranked with honour.
Morar Carioca is based on an innovative and revolutionary concept concerning social integration in a city surrounded by low-income communities. The programme proposes to upgrade and urbanize all favelas in Rio de Janeiro by 2020. It is one of the most important legacies of the Olympic Games of 2016, and already over 55 communities have benefitted from the project.
Morar Carioca goes beyond the provision of housing units and is effectively the largest project of urbanization for the low-income sector in the history of Brazil. Morar Carioca includes provision of infrastructure, landscape architecture, implementation of leisure areas and educational facilities, so as to create greater comfort and dignity for dwellers of the poorest areas of the city. The total investment of the project is of approximately $8 billion and will bring improvements to over 200.000 inhabitants.
The project focuses on the development of sustainable urban solutions and new types of uses so as to transform areas considered unsafe into locations that are secure for the use of local residents.
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