2010 – 2014
Research and development project concerning solutions for bicycle infrastructure.
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Partners: Danish Cyclists’ Federation (DCF), Danish Cancer Society (DCS), Copenhagen University, TU DELFT University, Aalborg University and University of Southern Denmark.
Victor Andrade was one of the collaborators of the largest research project about bicycles in Europe – Bikeability – and made several publications related to the project, among them the book Bike Infrastructures.
Bikeability is a project with a focus on Danish urban design solutions and urban policies aiming at increasing the use of bikes. To make the best use of transportation funds there is a critical need for better information about the cost of different types of bicycle infrastructure and the effects of such investments have on bicycle use, which includes the resulting environmental, economic, public health, and social benefits.
This project provides relevant knowledge to urban designers and planners in Danish municipalities by identifying opportunities and barriers for cycling in the physical environment.
Bikeability aims to inform architects, planners, engineers and politicians about opportunities to expand the use of bicycles in the urban environment, connecting research and urban policies and aiming to support investments in infrastructure for cycling.
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